The company is one of the first major fast-food chains in Hong Kong to take step towards reducing plastic use, but campaigners say more must be still be done.
These creatures have a pretty bad reputation on film, but here’s why we should think of them as friends.
Most people cite environmental factors as the biggest reason for supporting the idea.
Some people may see bats as evil, but they are gentle animals that play a vital role in natural ecosystems, and in technological and medical advances.
Fourteen-year-old Vikram Krishna was shocked by Hong Hong’s plastic problem, but he also saw it as an opportunity to create something new.
Local NGO Clean Air Network said there has been no major improvement in roadside pollution since 2016.
Manufacturers may be charged HK$1 for every one litre bottle they produce for consumption in the city.
The tiny plastic beads are thought to come from cosmetic products washed down the city’s drains
In honour of the rare sighting of a Chinese pangolin in Hong Kong, here are five cool facts about these armoured animals.