Young Post speaks to three students about their award-winning idea on how to reduce food waste at their school.
The Hong Kong restaurant chain only offers plastic straws to their customers upon request by a customer.
The three restaurant chains provide seven to 14 pieces of plastic per takeaway meal, adding up to about 100 million disposable items a year.
The Nature Conservancy instils a love of nature in students by encouraging them to develop environmental solutions in their schools
Almost three quarters of drinks cartons in HK landfills are from one local beverage giant, a green group reveals.
New research suggests that the chemicals used to make sunscreen are bad for coral reefs.
Study shows ultraviolet filters washed into the ocean could enter the food chain and affect human fertility.
Air pollution is shaving billions off the Chinese economy, and putting children at risk of a long-term health crisis.
The students have created a cookbook packed with environmentally-friendly recipes that makes the most out of sustainable foods.
Aiden Crewe, Alastair Metson, Euan Butler and Vibhu Vajpayee from The Peak School recently took on a mammoth challenge in a bid to clean up our oceans