Climate change

While an official student march was cancelled for safety reasons, environmental groups including Extinction Rebellion HK still gathered to demand government action.
Though some consider him to have controversial views on the environment, Bjorn Lomborg believes that eliminating the wealth gap will allow the planet to heal itself.
Three environmental organisations will host the event at the ferry pier as part of Greta Thunberg's FridaysForFuture movement.
There is no official climate action planned in Hong Kong because of the ongoing anti-government protests.
Teen activist started her trip from Britain, and will attend meetings in the US before heading to Santiago, Chile.
The teen climate change activist arrived in the city from Europe by zero-carbon yacht.
The 16-year-old Swede, who spearheaded the #FridaysForFuture student strikes, will join talks in New York before heading to Canada, Mexico and Chile.
New website spells out emissions toll on global climate and calls for adopting eco-friendly behaviour such as going vegetarian or living car-free for a year.
No tangible changes seen one year after #FridaysforFuture movement began, says teen activist at Smile for Future summit in Switzerland.
The country plans to plant a total of 4 billion trees this summer.