Better English

1. He introduced vegan food to the menu without telling customers. 2. His life                              Bought a restaurant (4) Changed his diet (3)
Peter Smith, from London, is coming to Hong Kong to discuss a contract with Westgate Shipping. Jenny Ho, a senior manager at Westgate, and Sam, her personal assistant, are discussing arrangements for his visit.
We know politicians are good at talking the talk (some of them), so we’ve made a handy guide to help you understand some of the most common political terms.
There are so many dictionary apps available, it’s hard to pick just one. Here’s a list of five of the best and why we love them.
Your teacher has probably told you countless times that before you hand in any work you need to “proofread” it. But what does that mean?
Schadenfreude? Faux pas? Eureka? Here are some English words with roots from other languages you may want to learn.