Better English

1. unveiled 2. G.E.M. was the inspiration for Jewel  3. (i) NG (ii) T (iii) T (iv) NG
1. B 2. interred 3. (i) E  (ii) A  (iii) D  (iv)/(v) F/B or B/F (vi) C
1. humble OR rustic 2. He loved eating and was unfussy/ He enjoyed eating and would try anything.  3. If something is not going to happen don’t insist just forget it. 4. B
1. C 2. A 3. C 4. Because the centre’s (cultural and environmental) values match/align with Wang and Yu’s values 5. B 6. C
Krakatoa no longer exists but it will forever be remembered for the world’s loudest sound.
1. (i) quartz mines closed (ii) Hong Kong International Airport opened  2. decimating  3. the noise level makes Sha Lo Wan unfit for humans to live in/ it’s too loud for people to live near