Better English

1. It’s a  recipe for disaster - e That’s not going to work 2. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes - a You can’t fool me
Ryo didn’t attend school yesterday. Why? On his return, his friend Amanda asks what happened. Where was he yesterday?
1. A  2. The students will learn how to take apart a watch movement and put it back together 3. Shraner hopes that children will learn the value of patience and meticulousness 4. C 
1. Like a detective, Ng has to find evidence. In her case, of how important old buildings are.
Beachgoers in Cornwall, England, are still finding Lego pieces from a shipping accident that happened more than 20 years ago.
1. Any of: Universal, Majestic, Liberty, London, Astor, Kwong Chee, Tai Yat, Po Hing, Yau Ma Tei  2. A   3. (i) latest releases  (ii) peak 
1. Uncorrected eyesight could hamper the country’s social and economic development 2. (i) there is a lack of specialist doctors, especially in rural areas
1. (i) disrupt the opposition  (ii) protect her own goalkeeper  2. 10 years / a decade 3. They are divided according to their football ability, not their disability