Films like 'Dangal' and 'Little Big Master' have a social message to share: Education matters

Films like 'Dangal' and 'Little Big Master' have a social message to share: Education matters

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Aamir Khan starred in 'Dangal' and 'Secret Superstar'.

Movies in focus: EdUHK Jupas programmes

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan broke box-office records with his film 3 Idiots. But most people are unaware that Khan uses his celebrity status to shine a light on the problems of the underprivileged. In his films Dangal and Secret Superstar, he deals with controversial social and educational issues, and that’s why he’s come to be known as “India’s Conscience”.

Special Education

Aamir has also been dubbed an education reformist. He thrust a neglected group into the spotlight in Taare Zammen Par, which touches on the complexities of a dyslexic child. The film highlights the talents such children are known to have. Helping children with special educational needs requires professional care, and The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) fills this gap in the local educational scene.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Special Education Programme

Five things you might not know about one of the most popular Jupas programmes in HK

Early Childhood Education

Local film Little Big Master moved the hearts of many Hongkongers. The film is based on the true story of Lilian Lui, who made personal sacrifices for the betterment of her underprivileged kindergarten students. It became the highest-grossing domestic film of 2015 in Hong Kong. The fact that it was a real-life story was a big draw. Lilian is a kindergarten principal who graduated from EdUHK.

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The animated movie Inside Out changed the way people understand emotions. The interplay of “joy”, “sadness”, “disgust” and “fear” personified the different emotions in the brain. This award-winning movie is regarded as Pixar’s most human story, and it’s thought-provoking for adults as well as children. The movie references the concepts of the prominent psychologist Paul Ekman. EdUHK’s psychology programme offers new ways to understand psychosocial behaviour.

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