Bachelor of Education programme at EdUHK shows students how to evaluate global issues from a historical perspective

Bachelor of Education programme at EdUHK shows students how to evaluate global issues from a historical perspective

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EduHK student Sam Yuen went to Tsinghua University as an exchange student last summer.
Photo: The Education University of Hong Kong

The five-year full-time Bachelor of Education (History) degree at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is a relatively new programme, but it is helping students become qualified secondary school teachers and devoted historians. 
All the courses focus on developing key skills in historical theory and practice, with an interesting choice of required subjects and electives. These train students in both history and education, enabling them to pursue careers as either secondary school teachers or professional historians.
Possible subjects include the history of film, medicine and the women’s movement allowing students to develop new perspectives and evaluate global issues from a historical perspective. The programme also fosters analytical and critical-thinking skills.
In lectures, the professors provide interpretations of the work of famous historians, which students will then explore and debate in discussion sessions. There are also regular field trips to local and overseas sites of historical interest. For instance, last year, we visited the Hong Kong Public Records Building in Kwun Tong and Fudan University in Shanghai to exchange ideas and learn about people with different backgrounds, cultural outlooks and experiences.

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The professors are open-minded and willing to listen to the opinions of the students at any time. My personal experience as a student representative also showed that the academic and administrative staff  are committed educators who care deeply about the students and the development of the programme.

They are always ready to offer advice and guidance if students are undecided about what courses to take or their future career plans. All our professors dedicate their time and energy to help students overcome any kind of problem or difficulty. 
In addition, I have found my classmates are always prepared to offer a helping hand and collaborate willingly on any team project. We have peer study groups and organise class activities. And although members of the class come from different schools and backgrounds, we share the same basic goal of becoming professional teachers and good historians.

Overall, EdUHK is an excellent destination for anyone with similar ambitions. The programme provides new perspectives and thought-provoking ideas as well as comprehensive support and encouragement. In many ways, the BEd (HIST) programme feels like one big family, so why not come and join us next year!

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Written by BEd (HIST) Year 2 student Sam Yuen, Edited by John Cremer


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