Being Creative is So Easy! Go Play with Your Smartphone Camera!

Being Creative is So Easy! Go Play with Your Smartphone Camera!

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The key point is seeing things in a different way.
Photo: Lau Yun-wai

Do you think creativity is something you were born with? Or do you believe that you are “just not the creative type”? In fact, your creativity can be significantly boosted as easily as taking a picture in your everyday life. Try to play around with your smartphone camera using the following steps. You might be surprised by how creative you are!

The key point is seeing things in a different way. Basically, it is about viewing things from different angles. It is about extending your curiosity to every corner around you. For instance, most people walking along a street would not normally see the world from the perspective of just a few centimetres up from the ground. But try it! View things as if you were a dog or an eagle hovering in the sky. Imagine you are an ant and try to take photos from that perspective. These photos are going to be interesting and you will find that the gate named creativity has just creaked opened.

The second step is to put two objects or more together in a way that you would not normally do. An orange placed among a stack of green apples, or a shuttlecock lying on the ground with its tip like a smashed egg are classic examples. By doing so, your creative mind will be stimulated. It also means that when you consider developing a creative image, then you are starting to think creatively.

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Next, capture fast and slow motion. Pick up your smartphone, try to download an app that offers “slow-motion shooting”. Go to the street at night and press the button on the app. Your eyes will never normally see those beautiful, blurred curves on a road.

On the other hand, there are things that are not normally seen by people as they simply happen too fast. Have you ever thought what an exploding balloon full of water looks like at the very moment it is pierced? Only after speeding up your shutter to “Burst” or “Continuous capture mode” on your smartphone can this incredible moment become visible.

There are lots of ways to be creative, and these tips can be applied not just in photography. Going right back to the start, no matter which field you are in (business, science, art, whatever), looking at something from a fresh perspective is the simplest way to become a creative person.

What’s more, take the initiative to think out of the box. Going forward, you will be delighted about the impact of your creativity. This kind of thinking helps you to succeed.

Edited by Maligawage Premarantne


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