What you take home from a programme abroad

What you take home from a programme abroad

Our eight-day exchange programme to Germany was held from February 22 to March 1. The trip, which was held during the Lunar New Year holiday, was a valuable learning experience.

It was the first time most of us had taken part in an exchange programme. We were so shy that we did not talk much to our host families at first. However, after the warm welcome from teachers, students and host families in Germany, we started to interact with them and build a better relationship. We visited an ice-skating rink and a bowling alley. We started to have more confidence to speak English, and we were able to express our ideas and feelings more clearly.

We learned more about German traditions and cultures during the trip. Germans have a healthy lifestyle. They are used to going to bed before midnight, and love eating vegetables and bread. We were not used to eating bread, but after a few days we came to like it very much, because German bread is so delicious!

We visited a chocolate factory and a castle. We bought a lot of chocolates as souvenirs.

At the airport, we all cried and hugged each other as we said goodbye. We really didn't want to leave.

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