Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

We are fully committed to implementing and complying with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”). Every effort is made to ensure that we handle and protect your personal data according to its requirements.

Kinds of Personal Data Held 
There are two broad categories of personal data held in South China Morning Post Publishers Limited (“SCMPP”) with regards Young Post. They are personal data contained in:

Registration Records, which include records containing information supplied by individuals who register on the Young Post wesbite (“Website”).


Event Records, which include personal data provided to SCMPP from individuals for participating promotional, entertainment and training activities organized by SCMPP, either on its own or jointly with its business partners.

Main Purposes of keeping Personal Data


Personal data held in:


Registration Records

These are kept for the purposes of: (i) administering the registration; (ii) responding to and taking follow-up action on existing or potential registrants’ inquiries; and (iii) improving on such services. Please note that we need to disclose your personal data in the Registration Records to:


(a) Our professional advisors (such as lawyers, accountants and financial advisors) to assist us with attending to such matters as stated in (i) and (ii) above under the “Subscription and Free Trial Records” section; and


(b) To such persons or institutions and for such purposes as required under law or by an order of a court, regulatory authority or governmental body.


Event records


These are kept for: (i) administering the promotional, entertainment and training activities (collectively the “Activities”); (ii) responding to and taking follow-up action on existing or potential attendees’ inquiries; and (iii) improving the Activities.

Data Disclosure and Marketing Usage
The personal data disclosure regarding the Registration Records stated in points (a) to (d) above will only be made subject to our compliance with the Ordinance.

If we need to disclose your personal data for purposes other than those stated above, we can only do so subject to obtaining your consent and complying with all relevant provisions under the Ordinance.

We may occasionally use the personal data in the Registration Records and Event Records for direct marketing: (i) the publications of South China Morning Post Publishers Limited; and (ii) such specified products and/or services of our business partners, provided that you have explicitly consented to such use and we have complied with all relevant requirements or provisions under the Ordinance.

We only retain your personal data for such period as necessary for such data usage purposes as you have consented to.



We use our best efforts to monitor our compliance with the Ordinance.


The following are maintained to ensure compliance with the Ordinance:


  • A Data Protection Log Book to record data access and correction requests.
  • A Data Protection Operations Manual to set out the operational procedures and standards for protecting personal data.
  • Staff training sessions on personal data privacy.
  • Data Access Request Form for access/correction requests relating to your personal data.

You have the right to opt-out, at any time, of any marketing materials that you have agreed to receive and/or you have been receiving.

Data access/correction and/or opt-out requests to us may be addressed to our "Customer Relationship Management Team" at:
South China Morning Post Publishers Limited
Morning Post Centre
22 Dai Fat Street
Tai Po Industrial Estate
New Territories
Hong Kong
Email Address:
Anonymous Browsing

Visitors can browse our Website on an anonymous basis. We have not configured our Website to collect any personal information from your computer without your input. This means we will not know your identity and/or personal data about you unless you, as an anonymous visitor, voluntarily and knowingly provide us with such information.


Use of Cookies

We use cookies to gather information about Website users’ browsing activities so as to improve our services – (i) date/time of your last visit; (ii) which articles that you have commented on; and (iii) what content you have posted on the Website.

While such cookies are capable of collecting information about which articles on the Website that you have read and the number of these articles, such information will stay on the computer or device that you use to browse the Website. We will not have records of the same.

We do not use cookies to capture your email address or other personally identifying data about you. You can choose not to accept cookies. If you do, you cannot read free articles on the Website as anonymous users/non-registrants but you can still access all index pages. If you are a Website registrant, you can still view the articles even if you do not accept cookies.