GIVEAWAY: support local filmmakers - enter to win movie tickets to HK x New Directors Movie Week

GIVEAWAY: support local filmmakers - enter to win movie tickets to HK x New Directors Movie Week



29 + 1 examines life, getting older, and what really matters as you grow.

From December 27-January 1, the HK x New Directors Movie Week will be showing six Hong Kong movies directed by up-and-coming local directors at the Y Theatre at Youth Square. Young Post is giving away 20 pairs of tickets to each of the following three films:

Ballad on the Shore, directed by Ma Chi-hang

Screening date and time: 4pm on Saturday, December 30

The documentary follows Lai Lin-shau, an old fisherman who lives on Tap Mun and is one of the few people left who know the tradition of the fishermen’s ballads. As he gets older, Lai finds himself forgetting what he knows about the ballads. As his memories disappear, so does his ability to pass on the tradition, his culture and his stories to the next generation, who know little about the fishing community and history of our city.

A post-event sharing session with director Ma, on how to capture daily life stories in a movie, will follow, together with a performance by local fishermen.

Snuggle, directed Wong Siu-pong

Screening date and time: 4pm on Sunday, December 31

This documentary captures the different values two generations assign to life and death. Snuggle examines important life questions, such as whether it is unfilial to wish for your father’s death to end his suffering, and whether you can be happy rebuilding a relationship for the sake of another party, who is seriously unwell.

29 + 1, directed by Kearen Pang

Screening date and time: 4pm on Monday, January 1

This drama is about two Hong Kong girls, who share the same birth date, and their struggles with life and social expectations for women their age as theyre about to turn 30 years old. Lam Tsz-kwan (Chrissie Chau) and Wong Tin-lok (Joyce Cheng) meet in a fateful encounter, and soon after, their lives begin to change as they ask each other and themselves questions that lead to personal discoveries. 29 + 1 is timelessly relatable for anyone still trying to figure out what life is all about, and relevant in a city that judges ageing women, and men, so harshly.

More information about the Movie Week can be found here.

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