No more 'yuck'! Student reporters embrace modern fresh markets with their cameras

No more 'yuck'! Student reporters embrace modern fresh markets with their cameras

Younger generations are being put off by fresh markets, which can be messy and smelly. Here's how a group of student reporters are helping to change perceptions of Hong Kong's more traditional shopping options


(From left) Judges Robert Li of SCMP, Canon ambassador photographer Brian Ng, the four winners, and Link's Myron Ng

Nowadays, it's so easy to take photos and share stories online. With the help of professional journalists, 29 students entered Link’s Fresh Modernity Video Competition to boost local fresh markets while learning how to be a reporter.

HK's fresh markets are less popular with younger generations

They used their smartphones to show how the markets are not just stinky and slippery environments, and instead have more to offer.

Real estate company Link Asset Management Limited led the programme together with Young Post. The 29 student reporters attended  a one-day workshop at the University of Hong Kong to learn filming and editing skills, before visiting Lok Fu Market to get to know more how Link is transforming Hong Kong’s traditional markets. The young reporters then produced their own video clips to show what they observed. 

"Through students’ cameras, we hope this programme will help us learn more about what our fresh markets mean to the public," said Myron Ng, Assistant General Manager, Fresh Market Asset Management of Link.

The 29 student reporters gained a basic knowledge of journalism

The champion Sophie Mak from Diocesan Girl’s School produced a video about the cultural diversity introduced through food and fresh ingredients. Mak described walking around Link’s fresh markets as an eye-opening experience.

Runners-up Pei Yee Ng from King Ling College and Wang Hei Cheung from St. Paul’s Co-educational College made an investigative report on how Lok Fu Market is different from traditional fresh markets.

The second runners-up Yin Tung Lam and Wing Tung Kwok from King Ling College talked to people to find out what makes a happy community at Lok Fu Market.

Student reporters present their videos to the judges

"Through this competition, students got to learn how to deliver a story about fresh markets in 90 seconds with different filming techniques," said Brian Ching, Canon’s Ambassador Photographer, who was impressed by the students’ videos knowing most of them had no filming experience before joining the competition.

From fresh meats and crunchy vegetables to top notch wine and food options, it's clear how Link’s efforts are paying off in offering local shoppers more food choices and building a more vibrant community.

"One of Link’s missions is to foster a happy community through the fresh market enhancement project. We also encourage cooking culture to go in parallel with the dining culture in Hong Kong for a better living to the residents," said Ng.

Here's what the winning student reporters had to say:

Sophie Mak, Champion

Champion Sophie Mak receives her prize
Photos: Link

"I was exposed to a side of our society I had never seen before. What I first noticed at Lok Fu Market was the clean and bright shopping environment. The alleyways and toilets were dry and spacious. There were trolleys and market ambassadors ready to give advice. I was impressed by how fresh markets can be modernised and yet still maintain the connectedness of a tight knit community." Sophie Mak.

Wang Hei Cheung, 1st runner-up

"Face-to-face communication is important in the fresh markets, where shoppers can bond with sellers. It is a place for fresh ingredients, where people can talk instead of just queuing up to pay."

Yin Tung Lam and Wing Tung Kwok, 2nd runners-up

"The competition allowed us to learn filming, editing and interviewing skills, which we were didn't learn at school. Sometimes people didn't want to be filmed, so it was important for us to earn their trust to allow us to interview them. We have learned to be independent and proactive."

Watch all of the winning videos here!


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