Young Post's Junior Reporter Awards nominees are ...

Young Post's Junior Reporter Awards nominees are ...

With the JRAs fast approaching, it's time to cast your votes

The third Young Post Junior Reporter Awards are less than two weeks away. On January 24, we hope you will join us to find out the winners of this year's awards. But as well as that exciting news, there will be a delicious lunch, you'll get to play Instahunt, an awesome photo-based scavenger hunt, be treated to some incredible performances by the Disney cast members, and go home with a swag bag stuffed with goodies. All this, plus you get entry to the park after the ceremony!

If you haven't yet registered for tickets, head to now. While you're there, you can vote to help decide the winners of each category. Here they are:

Junior Reporter of the Year

Being a JR is about more than just writing a story or taking a photo. It's about being committed to journalism, and being dependable. This year's nominees have hundreds of bylines between them - and some of them only joined last year.

  • Joy Pamnani 
  • Annette Kim 
  • Anirudh Kannan 
  • Minnie Yip 
  • Henry Lui

Best Cover/ Feature

To get a byline on our front page, or write an in-depth feature, requires research and commitment. These junior reporters were up to the challenge.

  • Sophie Mak for "Swimming in the lane of hard work and dedication" 
  • Siri Livingston for "Getting to the pointe"
  • Yasmin Subba for "My friends are wild" 
  • Anirudh Kannan for "Hong Kong's young cricketers are making their mark" 
  • Dhruv Singh for "CoD fails in line of duty"

Best Face Off

Our Face Off column requires writers to defend one side of an argument, even if they don't personally support it. These five writers proved their excellent debating skills. 

  • Cedric Li said yes to "There should be a public healthcare system for Hong Kong's pets to help lower vet fees" 
  • Michelle Maria Fasching said yes to "Is citizen journalism beneficial to news reporting?"
  • Rai Anna-L said no to "Is citizen journalism beneficial to news reporting?"
  • Lucinda Kam said no to "Should secondary schools offer students workshops on proper workplace conduct?"
  • Helen Wong said no to "At 18, should we give our parents money?"

Best Workshop Report

Workshops give junior reporters the chance to experience a wide range of activities, and to practise their reporting skills afterwards. These were our favourite reports.

  • Sharon Cheng for "Mamma Mia, here we go again - behind a global theatric sensation" 
  • Henry Lui for "Phil Lam and Sony shows YP junior reporters the newest high-res audio products" 
  • Anirudh Kannan for "Junior reporters learn the art of animation" 
  • Catherine Wang and Annette Kim for "See Skipper, Po, Shrek and Toothless at the Venetian Macao's DreamWorks exhibition and winter carnival" 
  • May Huang for "Baroque stars come to town"

Best Photograph

We received some truly spectacular photographs this year from a large number of junior reporters, so we decided that they, and their creators, deserved recognition.

  • Jocelyn Chin for her photo of City Hall
  • Jack Sze for his photo of Duddell Street
  • Henry Lui for his photo of Tolo Harbour
  • Cynthia Jutras for her photo of the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
  • Veronica Lin for her photo taken at the AIA carnival

Best Op-ed

Writing an opinion piece requires the confidence to say what you think, even if your view is controversial.

  • Henry Lui for "Sponsored 'news' ruins public trust"
  • Edward Mak for "Malala's fight for equal education applies in Hong Kong, too" 
  • Bianca Chan for "Liberal studies: neither the problem nor the solution" 
  • Max Low for "Questioning our rights" 
  • Lucien Wang for "Trading air for wealth"

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The winner of the beat Award for best volunteering report, the eight Most Active Junior Reporters, and the special Editor's Award recipient will be announced on the day.

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