Start building tomorrow’s dreams today!

Start building tomorrow’s dreams today!

Transform your ambitions into realities with Bank of China Group and Young Post!

Do you have big dreams for your future? Are you keen to seize the day and take steps to make sure those dreams start happening today? Here’s a chance for you to join to the BOCG Life Young Reporter Programme to share valuable insights into interviewing, researching, writing skills and learn about planning for the future to achieve your dreams. Also, you stand a chance to win a cash prize of HK$5,000.

Get ready to begin building yourself a brighter future!


All F.3 students of local secondary schools

Registration (Deadline: 15 October 2014)

Simply shoot an inspiring photo that you feel accurately reflect on our society, environment, or life style issues and that are of importance or interest to you; and write a related article of 200 words or less. Please submit both the article and the photo to

Workshop (13 November 2014)

Sharing of practical guidelines and advice by a Young Post journalist into continuous improvement of related skills including but not limited to news report writing, field interviewing, planning and organizing; and, by the Senior Training Manager of BOCG Life on the introduction of life insurance and what it means to us and our society.

Field trip and interview with the BOCG Life management (14 November 2014)

The shortlisted 40 finalists will get to tour some vista points within the tower which has won coveted architectural awards for its unique structure and   design and normally not open for public viewing. Every student will have a chance to practice his interviewing and communication skills right there and then with the CEO and management team of BOCG Life.

Article Submission (28 November 2014)

Each finalist will be asked to write and submit an English article of up to 500 words on the topic of “Dream Life & Insurance” .

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