From sunshine to snow: just a normal day in HK

From sunshine to snow: just a normal day in HK

Dr. Flame and Dr Gamer are both geniuses. They have invented lots of cool things, hut they have one dream: they want it to snow in Hong Kong.


Illustration: Sarene Chan

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Having sunshine on your shoulder is great - but having sunshine on your shoulder and snow under your feet is even better!

Dr Flame was a young boy, but he was a genius. He had a sister called Dr Gamer. She was also a genius. Flame had invented a lot of crazy things including the teleporter, the hover board and the jelly swimming pool. His sister always helped him and went along with his plans. 

They lived in Hong Kong, but their favourite thing was snow, which was a shame, because as you probably know, Hong Kong never gets any snow. Their dream was to make it snow in Hong Kong, and they were working on making that dream a reality.

 One day, Gamer came running through the lab holding an envelope. 

"Bro! I got a letter from Oliver and Mug!" she shouted. Even though he was working on an experiment, Flame stopped what he was doing.

"From Oliver and Mug?" he asked. Oliver and Mug were their cousins from Canada. They had a baby brother called Dominick. 

"What does it say?" Flame asked. Gamer ripped open the envelope and read the message aloud:

Dear Flame and Gamer, 

Hi! How's life in Hong Kong? It's snowing over here in Canada. It's a winter wonderland! We had a snowball fight with our neighbour, Cathy. Would you like to come? Hope to see you soon!

Oliver and Mug

 "They're inviting us there? Great! I'm definitely going!" Flame said excitedly. 

Gamer was pretty lazy, and she didn't like to travel, so she wasn't as excited about a trip to Canada.

"Wouldn't it be better if they came to Hong Kong instead? They could bring us snow samples to study," Gamer suggested. 

She took out what seemed like a normal pencil and drew a big circle on the ground. Then she took out the letter and said: "I wish they were here." As her words disappeared into thin air, the circle on the floor began to glow, and slowly, small pixilated shapes began forming into the shape of three children. Then snap! Oliver, Mug and Dominick appeared where the pixels once were. 

Once they were fully un-pixilated and looking like their normal selves, Dominick began crawling around the lab. Mug, being the responsible sister she was, began chasing him. 

"Hey, Gamer! How about we go outside and play in the playground?" Oliver suggested. 

"Sure!" Gamer replied, sounding just as enthusiastic. 

And with that, the children ran off to the playground next to the lab.

 The sun was just climbing over the horizon, and the sunlight had turned the playground into a pretty canvas of bright colours. In the playground, Flame was on the roundabout, Dominick and Mug were on the slides and Gamer and Oliver were on the see-saw. 

The children were busy playing cheerfully for so long that before they knew it, the sun was high above their heads and the playground had become quite crowded with other babbling children. 

"It's too hot!" complained Gamer.

"Let's go into the lab!" Mug said. 

"Hey, Oliver," Flame called across the grass field to where Oliver was sitting with Dominick, "can you guys go back to Canada for a bunch of snow samples?" 

Oliver gave Flame a questioning look. 

"What for?" 

"An experiment!" shouted Flame as he ran back to the hover board which would take them up to the lab. Oliver sighed and picked up Dominick, who was trying to crawl away. 

He took out the pen Gamer gave him and drew a circle on a nearby tree, picked up Dominick, who was trying to crawl away again, and hopped in to the circle which would transport him back to one of the snowy mountains in Canada.

 Back in the lab, Flame, Gamer and Mug were busy preparing for the upcoming experiment: how to create snow in Hong Kong. As not everyone in Hong Kong wanted it to snow, they had to keep the experiment a secret, even from their families. So they were going to create a single snow cloud that wouldn't disappear, and try it out above an empty rooftop when nobody was there. 

Flame was busy pulling out beakers and equipment, Gamer was going through a huge pile of books in one corner and Mug was keeping herself busy by cleaning up some of the mess on the experiment tables. 

"Gamer! Where did you put that cooler we used last time, when we made that sunshine ball?" Flame shouted from the cupboard he was currently digging through. 

"In the opposite cupboard, not that one!" Gamer replied from under the pile of books she was buried in. Then, a glowing circle appeared on the door and snow began pouring in. 

"What on earth? Dominick didn't mess with the device did he?" Flame exclaimed, grabbing his coat. Even with his thick lab coat on, he could feel the chill from the snow. 

"He kind of drooled on the device ..." Oliver said as he tumbled out of the hole and landed on the white floor. Dominick followed shortly afterwards, holding a drool-covered teleporting device which Gamer quickly snatched away and threw into the nearby fish tank that was filled with robotic fish. 

"That should help," Gamer said, looking satisfied as the circle on the lab door gradually shrunk.

 "Flame! Gamer! It's time to finish your homework!" a voice called out from behind the door. 

"Oh no! It's mum!" Flame shouted. 

Everyone ran in different directions. Oliver, Mug and Dominick stayed in the lab, Gamer jumped into her room through the open window, and Flame ran through a tunnel into his room. 

 Flame waited until his mum was out of sight and let out a breath he didn't even realise he was holding in. It seemed like he had left the lab just in time. He threw off his blanket to reveal a hatch, which led back to the lab. Just as he opened the door, a little head popped through. It was Dominick. 

"Blanket!" he said and grabbed a blanket and began chewing on the corner. 

"Hey! That's mine!" Flame exclaimed, and tugged on the other end of the blanket. 

Dominick pulled hard and fell back into the tunnel underneath the hatch door, bringing Flame down with him. Flame gripped the blanket, which was currently doubling as a sledge, like his life depended on it. 

Dominick was perched on his head, waving his small hands and shouting like he didn't have a care in the world. 

Meanwhile in the lab, Gamer, Mug and Oliver were making progress.

"Just a little bit more ..." Gamer carefully wrote down all the details. 

"Poof!" A cloud appeared. 

"Hooray!" Gamer shouted. They had successfully created a snow cloud that wasn't reacting to the temperature. 

"Perfect!" Mug exclaimed, tossing the snow cloud around in her hands. "Now for the best part, testing it on the rooftop!"

 It was almost sunset, and the soft rays of light peeked through the trees. After escaping the maze of tunnels, Flame and Dominick had finally joined the others on the rooftop. Flame was holding the snow cloud, which had been sculpted to look like a gun, as he had asked Gamer to do. 

Gamer stood beside him, followed by their cousins. They were all in winter gear, as things were about to get a little chilly. The wind started to blow, and they knew it was the right time. 

Flame let go of the cloud and it floated up. It gradually returned to its original cloud-like shape and stopped in mid-air. Everyone strained their eyes, watching it intently. Had Gamer and Flame's dream came true? Or would it remain just that; a dream and nothing more? 

A drop of something shimmery floated out from the cloud, then another one, and another. It had started to snow! Stars were sparkling in the two young genius' eyes, while Oliver and Mug were desperately trying to keep Dominick from crawling in the snow.

 Then Gamer felt something warm. Sunshine. She turned and saw the sun through the trees as it made its way towards the horizon. It seemed to be smiling at her. Gamer smiled back, then turned to her brother and cousins, who were frollicking in the snow. 

"It's nice to have snow under my feet, but having sunshine on my shoulder is what matters most," she thought. With that, she jumped into the snow and joined her family in their snow-filled sunshine.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Jessie Tam's From Sunshine to snow: just a normal day in HK


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