Haikus inspired by a new spring

Haikus inspired by a new spring

Students wrote haikus / (complete with artistic pics) / all for your pleasure

New Year flower fair,
food, flowers, dolls and balloons,
people everywhere

On the days before the lunar new year, people go to the flower market. It’s a place where all kinds of things are sold and it’s usually very crowded. I enjoy the festive atmosphere very much.
Janet Ma Ming-ming (Grade 9)

It’s Chinese New Year
We gather and have dinner
Love is in the air

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, I had a great dinner with my family and relatives.
Natalie Ng Hoi-kiu (Grade 9)

Greetings and meetings
Red decorations everywhere
Bringing us good luck

At Chinese New Year, I went to relatives’ homes. I saw many red-coloured decorations there because red symbolizes good fortune and joy. Since it is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, red is found everywhere during the Chinese New Year.
Nancy Zhang Siu-nam (Grade 9)

Stranded home I say
Watching pics of others play
What a holiday.

Stuck at home browsing the Internet occupying most of my holiday time.
Thomas Tse Wan-hei (Grade 9)


Streets filled with laughter
As she was working numbly
At this New Year night

When I was on my way to the Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria Park, I saw an old woman in the alley. She was washing dishes under a ball of weak light. While people were enjoying the New Year atmosphere, she just worked alone in the darkness without any choices because she has to make her living. I could feel her loneliness and difficulty.
Gian Ho Hiu-yan (Grade 9)


Black heads all around
Smokes flowing among the crowd

The shrine makes me proud

On the first New Year morning, I went to the Wong Tai Sin Temple with my granny. It seems that everyone there had the same purpose: praying for new year luck. They were all hanging sticks of incense in the air and the temple was filled with smoke. The whole scene was so mysterious and it fully showed the unique style of the Chinese culture during the Lunar New Year. I couldn’t help but be captured that moment.
Gian Ho Hiu-yan (Grade 9)


Red orange yellow
Dragon fireworks in the sky
Boom boom in the cheers

Fireworks in Lunar New Year is often a big event. It symbolises the start of the new year and a happy atmosphere. The vibrant fireworks also come in traditional festive colours which give off a cheerful vibe.
Ashley Lau Wing-tung (Grade 9)


Cherry blossoms bloom
Sea of reddish-pink flowers
Spring is in the air

The Spring Festival is another name of the CNY, thus it marks the start of spring. Cherry blossom is often used as the symbol of Spring in China, this is what inspired me to write the poem.
Ashley Lau Wing-tung (Grade 9)


Many tasty foods:
Shrimps, radish puddings and sweets
I’m putting on weight

I ate a lot of festival food such as Nian Gao, Pun Choi (big bowl feast), pistachios and sweet candies. I think I have gained some weight!
Ashley Lau Wing-tung (Grade 9)


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