To My Crush-Adieu

To My Crush-Adieu

Last month we invited you to be creative and take part in our competition for tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert in March, with either a poem or an image. This is one of the best poems we received

To My Crush--Adieu

I dare not to say out loud 
But I shall be proud 
In words I write you down     
And at last I avow 

Why am I so in love, I frown 
Long I wonder, if I like a clown 
Some says, it is miserable
Downy flake fall over the town 
The eyes are bright stars, irresistible  
The lips are sugar, kissable
You are perfect, just not mine
If only me, if only love, are visible

Ah, I fall from cloud nine
Ah, fingers intertwine, not with mine
You are like the moon, miles away
You are like the sun, way too shine

Aye, perhaps I shall forget you
Aye, perhaps I shall get over you
Aye, Adieu, my dear crush
Aye, Adieu, my dear crush

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