I Want To…

I Want To…

Last month we invited you to be creative and take part in our competition for tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert in March, with either a poem or an image. This is one of the best poems we received

I Want To . . .

I’m gonna put this straight.
I want to go on a date.
I have to tell you,
Before it’s too late,
I want to go on a date.

Valentine’s Day is drawing near.
Who on earth cares how I appear?
I need to hear you call me “Dear”,
I want to go on a date.

Take me to church, school
Or the zoo.
Animal shelters that smell of poo.
Nothing else matters when I am with you,
I want to go on a date.

Make up your mind
Before it’s too late.
Answer carefully,
Your life’s at stake!
You have to accept this,
It’s fate.
I want to go on a date!

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