Melted Butter

Melted Butter

Last month we invited you to be creative and take part in our competition for tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert in March, with either a poem or an image. This is one of the best poems we received

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June 13, 2014
April 18, 2014
February 08, 2014
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February 22, 2013
February 15, 2013

Melted Butter

You're like melted butter spread on warm bread,
Or lazy honey drizzled onto my tongue.
It warms me slowly, comforts me like a blanket.
The warmth inside. It spreads. 

Different from the sharp pins or needles. 
Or the fire that burns the skin. 
Or the strings of words that pierced deeply. 
It creeps inside my skin, crawling inside my brain. 
It crept up quietly and gently,
But struck me like lightning.

You're a warm comfort,
like thick covers I hide under in the dark.
The sunrise that chased away nighttime creatures.
You warm me up slowly, 
Like melted butter. 

You picked out sharp needles 
and erased the burnt scars. 
Kissed the scars, souvenirs from the devil.
You warm me up, 
Like melted butter. 

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