Last month we invited you to be creative and take part in our competition for tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert in March, with either a poem or an image. This is one of the best poems we received


On today's very special day,
I have something to say
to someone who means a whole world to me,
and I hope he could see.

I hope he could understand the way I feel
and he could know it's so real,
well that person is none other,
but my lovely father.

He is one of a kind
in a million years who is not easy to find,
these thoughts and feeling from him I can't hide
oh, Dad I don't know what I would do without you by my side.

If you are reading this now,
you must known how,
much I love you
and trust me its all so true.

Through this poem, I will describe my love and care,
and these feelings today I share
with you and my friends
and remember one thing this type of love never ends.

I love mum too,
as much as I love you
and I bet she knows it too.

But you are the one who taught me the real meaning of love
that's why I always keep you above
and there are very few parents such
that care for their children much.

Parents are the greatest blessing given by God to mankind,
because parents are someone not everyone can find.
We are so lucky to have them
and of course someone who are more like friends.

Mum and Dad, trust me you are the most precious persons I found
and we will be known in the history for our bond.

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