A Poem of Someone Special, My Best Friend

A Poem of Someone Special, My Best Friend

Last month we invited you to be creative and take part in our competition for tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert in March, with either a poem or an image. This is one of the best poems we received

A poem of someone special, my best friend

There are people who might be best friends with you for a year;
Pretty good buddies the next year;
Don't really interact anymore the third year.

But there is always one,
That is special to me, who made a difference in my life.
I look up to you, respect you and I truly trust in you.

Soul mates are hard to find,
And worth their weight in gold.
An ear to listen; a hand to hold; a heart to guide.

They are the ones that push you with all their might;
Show you off to the world like a shinning star;
Make you realise the true feeling of being loved and treasured.

They are here to make your smile brighter; laugh louder;
They are the stitches that mend your broken heart;
hey are the hot chocolate that warms you up in winter.

Even when you are miles apart;
You will always make time for each other,
Like an invisible bond holding you close and tight.

We live through our hardest times together,
Share our fondest memories with each other,
You are my mentor; my soul mate; my rock in life.

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