Write here: Bubble tea in Hong Kong is the best kind of tea

Write here: Bubble tea in Hong Kong is the best kind of tea

This poem celebrates one of our city's most popular drinks


Bubble tea is a classic drink. Classic enough to write a poem about.
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Bubble Tea

Born in Taiwan in the 1980s
A unique-looking beverage
That both refreshes and delights
An invigorating and ever-so-quirky snack

Hot or cold
Bitter or sweet,
A rainbow spectrum of colours, flavours, and toppings
From the chewy tapioca balls
To fruit jelly and popping boba
The choice is yours.

I enter the shop,
A sweet scent envelops me
I order a classic milk tea.
The cup arrives

I see the black, white, and transparent pearls
Swirling in the velvety brown tea.
I take a sip
It’s a taste so familiar
That it feels like home.

Up come the bubbles
Through the straw
Chewy pearls
And smooth milk tea.

If you’ve never tried bubble tea,
You should.

Among all the flavours
There is a perfect match for everyone
Which one is yours?

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