Write here: Hopeless and blind to optimism

Write here: Hopeless and blind to optimism

Sometimes it's hard to find hope during difficult times
Junior Reporter
A person that likes nature music, reading, and writing, Arella spends her time writing up stories. She also strives to be an author in the future.

Discrimination, Addiction, Bullying, Abusing
Destruction, Pollution, Pressuring, Stressing

Fake friends, Social Media, Accusations, Lies
Quick trends, School Drama, Exclusions, Cries

Let’s not forget there’s also manipulation –
What am I supposed to see in this population?

“Beauty, Love, Compassion, Leadership,
Generosity, Dreams, Relaxation, Friendship”

Day by day, everyone keeps telling me:
“Open up your eyes and see,
The world will always have hope and glee

From the petals of flowers,
To the butterfly’s wings,
From multiple rain showers,
To the flickering flames.

Don’t look at the poor side and have no faith,
Of what you see with a throbbing heartache.”

As inspiring as they seem,
They do nothing to help.

Why should I even think of hope,
If I’m blind to optimism?

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Searching for something to believe in


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