Is it Hillary Clinton's time?

Is it Hillary Clinton's time?


Will 2016 be Hillary's year?
Will 2016 be Hillary's year?
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The internet eagerly anticipated Hillary Clinton's announcement that she will run for the Democratic nomination for US president next year. There were numerous indications that this was going to happen - her newest memoir, Hard Choices; visiting Wellesley College for a reunion; being interviewed by Diane Sawyer (another alumna); and reports she was renting office space in Brooklyn, New York.

Assuming that she does win the party nomination, in the current political and social climate, it seems only fitting that a female president is elected. The issue of gender equality - the wage gap, promotion opportunities and so on - has been a global topic.

Clinton definitely has the right qualifications for America's top job. As secretary of state, she visited more than 100 countries, and has a strong diplomatic record. As first lady, she advocated more comprehensive health care policies. How will America respond? We'll have to wait and see.

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Time for Hillary?


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