Opinion: Engineers can't fix politics

Opinion: Engineers can't fix politics

Parallel-goods traders and cross-border tension are controversial subjects. Some say building a shopping mall in Shenzhen may ease the pressure caused by mainlanders in the city and parallel-goods trading.

As a mechanical engineer, my contribution is to design and build the air-conditioning and facilities for proposed malls. Whether the city will then become less crowded is not in my realm of knowledge.

Engineers can make the world better only when we are given a prescribed and defined scope; we don't define it. In the world of polarised views, opinions do not always meet, and a solution may not be reached.

To agree on a way forward, Hong Kong needs leaders to bring together parties with different interests to discuss the issues calmly. We do not have that leadership, so building the infrastructure needed to support our continuous growth cannot happen. Engineering has no solution for politics.

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