Social dynamics affect government projects and its costs

Social dynamics affect government projects and its costs


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The recent political tension in Hong Kong has caused a backlog of government projects waiting to be approved. According to legislative councillor Lo Wai-Kwok, the later projects are approved, the higher the cost. The tension is affecting the approval rate of projects, such as the construction of a refuse incinerator. The Legislative Council is indefinitely deferring motions and the project costs are escalating with time. The later the projects are approved, the more expensive they become and the more money tax-payers will have to pay.

In the past, projects went ahead with almost no opposition, and the focus was on making sure that the project was completed on time and to a high standard. Today however, projects are tangled up with all kinds of social, economical and political considerations, making project approval much more complex than before, often taking months or even years. We live in a world full of different voices and views, where people skills are needed along with technical excellence.

Although Hong Kong might have to spend more money completing a project, this is a premium which a mature society must pay. We should be glad that Hong Kong is a mature society.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Cost of maturity


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