No better time to become an engineer

No better time to become an engineer

The government has released the Railway Development Strategy 2014, which provides a framework for planning the expansion of Hong Kong's railway network up to 2031. It recommends seven new projects, which will cost HK$110 billion and are expected to increase the rail share of public transport from around 43 per cent in 2020 to 50 per cent in 2031.

Hong Kong is blessed in this way. Despite its small size, the city's railway development is thriving. These projects are complex and often attract experts and specialists from around the world to work on them. Local engineers are very fortunate that the projects are right at their doorstep.

From now until 2031, there is enough time for Op-ed readers to become professional engineers with a wealth of experience in railway projects. It is, therefore, a golden time to join the profession and take on challenges that can bring great satisfaction.

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