Technology is making us think less

Technology is making us think less

Now that the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch and others are on sale, it's worth pointing out that many of the leaders in the hi-tech industry seem to limit screen time for their children. Some allow their kids to use the computer only for homework during the week, and restrict their online time on the weekend. Others go even further, forbidding their children to have social media accounts at all.

Because of their profession, these parents know all about pornography, addiction and cyber-bullying. They have a point.

Becoming over-reliant on technology can hinder children's creativity. Even for university-age students, numerous surveys point out that taking notes with paper and pen is an activity in which they actively choose what to jot down rather than simply typing out whatever the professor says.

Technology has allowed all of us greater access to information, offered more opportunities and helped us understand the world around us. But it has its perils, and we must protect and guide our children.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
The anti-tech argument


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