Fifa, IOC are poor sports

Fifa, IOC are poor sports

The World Cup is a celebration "for all", connecting people from all walks of life. Football is truly a global sport - played by millions of people, both rich and poor - because it is so simple to play and understand.

Cheering a team on to glory makes people happy, and can help them forget their problems.

The World Cup also puts a positive focus on less well-known nations with emerging economies. For example, Honduras and Bosnia are making the headlines thanks to the "beautiful game", not because of internal turmoil or unrest.

Sports offer a level playing field where one is able to discard prejudices and be immune from politics.

So it's disappointing when there are corruption scandals surrounding Fifa and the International Olympic Committee.

These organisations are run like businesses, and their aim is to make as much money as they can. This has spoiled their reputation.

Fifa and the IOC are non-profit organisations whose main objective should be to promote their respective sports around the world. But is this really happening?

While sports continue to connect people through their "universal language", commercialism is ruining the fun. This is terrible. Sports fans deserve a lot better.

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Fifa, IOC are poor sports


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