Trading air for wealth

Trading air for wealth

A lot of the time, Hong Kong's skyscrapers are shrouded in a blanket of smog and haze, all the way from Central to Kowloon.

The city's skyline is considered one of its best attractions and is featured in many tourism leaflets. But it is sad that local citizens cannot enjoy the view. Remember those tourist photos of a clear summer's day with the Bank of China, the Central Plaza and the IFC in the background? Dream on.

Yet perhaps Hong Kong's polluted environment serves as an indication of a deeper and darker flaw within our society: that we are willing to sacrifice even the air we breathe in the pursuit of economic growth and development. This very pollution is now hindering the city's development, as our best and brightest are leaving Hong Kong in increasing numbers.

Our government has promised that action would be taken to tackle the pollution problem, but little has changed.

Instead of introducing ineffective laws and meaningless green campaigns, we need a huge change in mentality to bring about a brighter future for Hong Kong.


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