All of us can help

All of us can help

Now in its third year, the Syrian civil war has left five million children as refugees. Three million of them are out of school. Here in Hong Kong, a group of Unicef Young Envoys strives to help these Syrian boys and girls and minimise the disruption the war has brought to their lives.

The group visits local secondary schools, where it sells wristbands and folders for HK$20 each. While HK$20 might not even buy us a McDonalds meal in Hong Kong, it is enough to provide a Syrian child with nutritious food for two weeks.

The Young Envoys hope to mobilise young people and make them aware that even a tiny contribution can go a long way towards improving the lives of children in poor or war-torn countries.

If you want to get involved and co-host this campaign in your school, email the Young Envoys at for more information.

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All of us can help


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