Lower numbers, less protests

Lower numbers, less protests

I never really understand Hong Kong protests. The latest one sprang up after a video of a mainland toddler urinating in the street was posted online. Protesters copied the child by squatting in Harbour City while wearing Communist Party hats.

Mainland netizens were enraged by the Hong Kong response, and some even started a "bring children to pee in Hong Kong" campaign. The city's protesters fired back by organising a contest to snap photos of mainlanders relieving themselves in public.

When Commerce Secretary Gregory So Kam-leung urged Hongkongers to "help educate mainlanders in good manners" rather than ridicule them, our beloved netizens called for people to urinate outside So's home to show their objection.

As much as I would love to place all the blame on the idiots who are actually saying such terrible things, the local government is very much responsible for the clashes. Where are the policies to limit visitor numbers? Where are the crowd-control measures?

If visitor numbers were monitored, and restrictions were put in place, we probably wouldn't see these disgusting attitudes. Lawmakers, please fix this.

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Lower numbers, less protests


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