Should I care?

Should I care?

The home of a Mr Lai of a newspaper was damaged. I don't care. Things get broken every day.

Then a newspaper lost some advertisements. I don't care. Advertising changes every day.

Later, a Mr Lau was removed from his post as a chief editor. I don't care. People get new jobs every day.

A Ms Li was sacked from her job as a radio talk-show host. I don't care. People get sacked every day.

Then, a Mr Lau was chopped on the street. I don't care. People get hurt every day.

If someday people are imprisoned for strange reasons, online posts mysteriously disappear and tanks come into the city, I won't care. I will carry on with my life just as I have always been. I can just forget, and I don't have to care. I am used to not caring.

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Should I care?


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