Beyonce's song blurring lines

Beyonce's song blurring lines

The way women are portrayed in the media has been a controversial topic this year. We had Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video which was criticised for treating women as sex objects.

With the unexpected release of Beyonce's latest album, we now have another voice entering the debate. Beyonce is a self-proclaimed feminist and even opened her new album with the song Pretty Hurts, which comments on how society views beauty.

However, the album also includes another song called Blow, which tries to seduce the listener and features half-naked women dancing about in its video. Because it's Beyonce, people treat this as a proud display of women's bodies, but is it really so different from Blurred Lines?

Both these videos feature women who "check all the boxes" to be deemed beautiful. But they also suggest that those women who have not been so blessed have nothing to be proud about. Beauty should not be the basis of self-worth.

So instead of placing the blame on one person or one gender, perhaps we should be looking into how we all may be making the issue worse. What we find may surprise us.


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