President Trump’s voter fraud claim drags US onto slippery slope

President Trump’s voter fraud claim drags US onto slippery slope


Trump has brought us into a new era of politics.
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US President Donald Trump once claimed to accept the election results only if he won, receiving criticism from Democrats Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and even fellow Republicans like John McCain. This reflects the catastrophic destruction of his words as well as the grim implications of his victory.

Trump’s outrageous, unprecedented claim that he would only accept the election result on condition that he wins sent shock waves everywhere. With barely enough time to recover, his unexpected victory shook the world. Amidst the ambivalence, this article will further analyse his campaign and offer a glimpse into the future.

Firstly, regarding his character, Trump’s image as an immature politician is consistently demonstrated by his behaviour. Even though he won, his claim that he would not completely accept the results prior to the election outcome reflects how his temperament is akin to that of an envious child whining about the rules after being defeated in a game. He has vented his frustration by painting the illusion that if he loses, it means that the election was rigged. This, once again, proves his irrationality and ignorance.

Headmaster Trump? Headmistress Dolores? If you really, really had to, we mean

Never has there been a president who showed such open and direct disregard for democracy. In the past 14 years, there have only been 31 substantiated cases of voter impersonation, which debunks Trump’s hyperbolic narrative. The US is built upon faith in integrity and the rule of people, respecting the people’s will and wishes on what is best for the country. Previously, despite the chaotic elections, both the winning and losing parties have always called for and taken pride in the peaceful transfer of power in order to end the division and convergence, working towards the betterment of the collective interest, instead of holding onto personal attacks and scandals.

Words are powerful weapons, and Trump’s statement drags the US onto a slippery slope as he convinces his supporters that the establishment is against them, indoctrinating them with a clear message not to believe in US democracy. It leaves long-term scars surrounding the legitimacy of the whole political system, fueling further anger and resentment.

So, he got lucky. Yet, that is the most horrifying part. He has won through exaggerated accusations, lying, creating fear, and undermining treasured values. Trump brings us into a new era of politics. He has immediately doubled down from campaign’s promises such as repealing Obamacare and “locking Clinton up”. On the bright side, let’s hope that he will finally learn to think twice and act rationally.

Kristy Lam is the First Runner-up of the Senior Division of the Heep Yunn SCMP Newspaper Report Competition (2016-2017). Congrats to Kristy and our other winners, Hetty Ma and Maggie Cheng.


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