Trump simply isn’t the leader we all deserve

Trump simply isn’t the leader we all deserve


Donald Trump is stirring controversy on his road to the White House.
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Donald Trump confuses me. I admit he has charisma, judging by his eye-catching slogans and controversial comments, but I don’t think the US should choose this man as their commander-in-chief.

After watching the first presidential debate last week, I’m positive that Trump needs to be kept out of the White House at all cost.

During the debate, both Trump and his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton were asked about the recent discontent between law enforcement officers and minorities and what they would do to “repair the bridges”. Trump responded: “We need law and order. If we don’t have it, we’re not going to have a country. African Americans and Hispanics are living in hell. You walk down the street and you get shot.”

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Trump’s proposal won’t work. Giving priority to “maintaining law and order” will only make matters worse. Instead of imposing gun controls, he wants to give more weapons to police officers so they can do what they want. It may be effective in keeping gangs off the streets but it won’t help reduce the chances of innocent civilians getting shot, and mend relations between minorities and the police.

In the debate, Clinton attacked Trump for his rude remarks about the former Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Trump and Machado have been trading accusations against each other for a long time. He cares more about picking a fight with an outspoken beauty pageant winner than finding flaws in Clinton’s policies.

Trump simply isn’t the leader we all deserve.

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Trump is not fit to be a leader


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