Here's why Hongkongers should be eligible for election at 18

Here's why Hongkongers should be eligible for election at 18


Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong shows his application to the High Court seeking a judicial review of the age restriction on legislative election candidates.
Photo: Felix Wong/SCMP

In regard to the article “Occupy leader Joshua Wong launches court fight for right to run for Hong Kong legislature below age 21” (SCMP, October 12, 2015), I have to say that if I can stand for election at 18, I will jump at the chance.

Firstly, I think it would be a rare chance for a teenager to learn more about Hong Kong’s legislature. I could learn more about the electoral system, too. It would be an amazing opportunity for a young person, even if I were not elected.

Moreover, I agree that more young people should be encouraged to voice their ideas. I think teenagers tend to have more creative ideas than adults. It will be great if Hong Kong’s Legislative Council could include some new minds and young people.

Also, I think that 18-year-olds, who are supposed to be mature enough to vote, should also be mature enough to stand for election. I think that by running for election, young people would express their own opinions to the government. This could also be seen as a way for teenagers to contribute to the city, and establish a greater sense of belonging to the city that we love.

After all, standing for an election will be a chance for teenagers to learn, to understand, and to experience. I don’t see why we teenagers are deprived of that opportunity.

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