Keep the statue symbolising comfort women

Keep the statue symbolising comfort women


The statue in Seoul.
Photo: AFP

Japan and South Korea signed a historic deal last month to "finally and irreversibly" resolve the wartime "comfort women" dispute.

Under the agreement, Tokyo agreed to pay around US$8 million to support Korean women who were forced to work in brothels run by the Japanese army during the second world war. Japan also issued a formal apology.

But to receive the funds, South Korea must remove a statue of a girl symbolising the issue of so-called comfort women from the front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. This is an absurd request by Japan.

I think the statue must remain, if the Japanese government is to learn from past mistakes. I am sure the women who suffered under Japanese rule want it that way. Germany, for example, has statues in memory of the Jews who suffered under Nazi rule, and I simply do not see why such a thing cannot happen in South Korea.

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Keep the statue


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