Need to look at bigger picture of Hong Kong-China relations

Need to look at bigger picture of Hong Kong-China relations


Hong Kong fans hold up signs that read "Boo" and "Hong Kong is not China" while the national anthem was being played during a world cup qualifier in Hong Kong on November 17, 2015.
Photo: AFP

The football match between Hong Kong and China last month ended in a 0-0 draw. It was played before 6,071 spectators at Mong Kok Stadium.

There was minimal booing for China's national anthem by Hong Kong fans, but they still raised signs saying "Boo" and "HK is not China".

Hongkongers probably did not boo the national anthem fearing further punishment by Fifa. The Hong Kong Football Association was fined US$5,160 for a similar offence during a previous World Cup qualifier.

Historical problems or conflicts involving ideology or discrimination cannot be easily solved. They are always highlighted during sports competitions simply because the players carry a nation's hopes and face intense media scrutiny.

I am not justifying the actions of the Hong Kong fans, but the bigger picture here is that we have an unresolved problem, meaning the mainland-Hong Kong conflict. Unless we take appropriate action, it will seep into other aspects of our lives besides sport - like the products we buy from China, including the water we drink.

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Need to look at bigger picture


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