Need for balance in development and conservation

Need for balance in development and conservation


Feral water buffalo graze on a salt marsh in Pui O, Lantau Island, a Coastal Protection Area, as construction waste dumped on private land can be seen in the background.
Photo: K. Y. Cheng/SCMP

New flats will be built in areas such as Lantau and the northern parts of the New Territories to ease the current housing shortage, according to the Secretary for Development, Paul Chan Mo-po. Chan said the government hopes to provide 480,000 new flats over the next 10 years, with 60 per cent being public housing and the rest private.

It is wrong to say that the city does not have enough land. Hong Kong is a small place but what it lacks is "developable land".

The proposed development of Lantau has generated heated debate. Supporters say the plan would boost Hong Kong's tourism industry and economy.

However, opponents argue that building projects would disrupt the area's ecosystem.

Perhaps it is important to have a sense of balance. In my opinion, north Lantau should be used for development since it boasts a good transport network and infrastructure. South Lantau, on the other hand, is largely undeveloped and should remain so.

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Need for balance


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