Is getting a degree a must?

Is getting a degree a must?

Ever since I can remember, my path has been laid out for me: finish primary school, go to secondary school, then go to university.

As a child, I didn't question this. But now I'm about to start my final year of secondary school, and I've been wondering if higher education is necessary.

Some companies are starting to hire students fresh out of secondary school for their creative minds. But most of the time, you need a degree to get a job. For many students, especially in the United States, what university they go to depends on how much they can afford to pay for tuition. There are of course student loans, but that can mean years paying off debts.

Many students who have just finished university say, "I didn't learn much, but I needed my degree".

This is a shame. You might learn some things at university, but not as much as you should considering how expensive it is. But without a degree, you have a very slim chance of being hired.

We students should be able to say "no" to higher education, and still be able to achieve what we want in life.

Daniel Hurworth, Hong Kong International School

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Daniel. I agree that it can be hard to get a job these days without a degree. Hard, but not impossible. Some of the most successful people in the world, like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, didn't go to university. Mark Zuckerberg also dropped out of Harvard to work on Facebook full time. 

You have to be passionate about whatever you do. Employers want people who are interested and focused, and can make their company better.

Going to university shows that you can study well, which is an important skill, but without personality and motivation, it's not worth much.

But a lot of people aren't sure what they want to do, or what their passion is. University can be a great place to explore this. And remember that university isn't just about learning from textbooks. Social skills, independence and time management are all very useful skills and qualities that last a lifetime.

There's no right or wrong path when it comes to learning, just make sure you're happy with your choice.

Lucy Christie, sub-editor

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Avril Young


I am not agree about this post.First,a degree is to prove that you have ability to get the job.if we can not get a job, we will not have money to live.Therefore,a degree is important for students.
Second,although we can not learn a lot of new things in the university ,but in the university we can learn about how to take care our live by ourselves.Therefore,university is very important that let us from teenagers to the process of an adult.
Third,all university in Hong Kong use English to teach students.Therefore,how can you prove that you can understand about the English?It is a very simple question ,we use a degree to classification to take a look about us.
Although, able to achieve what we want in life is very important.However,if we do not have enough money ,we will can not do anythings.Therefore,i think a degree is that we must get it.