Race shouldn't be an issue

Race shouldn't be an issue

A black man was killed by a white policeman in America in August. There were lots of protests and riots because of it, which created a very tense atmosphere.

The tension between black and white people is a serious problem. Everyone should be treated as equals and have the same status in society. Treating any group unfairly is bad for social harmony.

Even if they do not have the same colour skin, people who live in the same country still share a sense of identity. They should try to understand each other. The government should find ways to solve this problem.

Cheung Ka-yan, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

From the editor

Thank you for your letter, Ka-yan. You are absolutely right when you say that race should not be an issue and everyone should be treated as equals. But even here in Hong Kong, not everyone has the same rights and opportunities.

Let's talk about domestic helpers. First, while anyone else who works in Hong Kong for seven years can get right of abode and all the benefits that go with it, they cannot. Second, while everyone else coming in to Hong Kong goes through the public immigration channels at the airport, domestic helpers are called over to their own "special" channel that can see them delayed while their employers might be waiting for them. Third, even though they are living in estates, in many cases they are not able to make use of any of the facilities, such as the swimming pool, gymnasium or tennis courts.

Of course, this is not the same as being shot by a police officer, who is being paid to protect you. What is going on in the US is awful and needs a grass-roots change of attitude. But before we start pointing fingers, we need to make sure that our own city is not guilty of the same vice.

Susan, editor

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