Make pink dolphins feel at home

Make pink dolphins feel at home

As reported in the media, a dead pink dolphin was found in waters near Hong Kong International Airport on March 24. This is the third Chinese white dolphin death in Hong Kong this year.

I think their natural habitat is being threatened. There are many other factors causing their death, including busy marine traffic, polluted ocean, and construction work at the Chek Lap Kok airport.

I love pink dolphins because they are a Hong Kong treasure. They represent the life, vitality and competitiveness of Hong Kong people. I hope pink dolphins can continue to live in these waters forever. I think the Hong Kong government should restrict sea traffic in areas where the dolphins live. It also needs to control the quality of sea water.

Hopefully, we can give them a comfortable and lovely home.

Mok Tsz-hong, Maryknoll Fathers' School

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Tsz-hong. It is wonderful that you feel so passionately about the pink dolphin. They are critically endangered, and if we want to stop them from becoming extinct, we will have to make some big changes in life.

It often seems as if no one cares about the important things, and the idea that we should make money trumps all other concerns. It's very difficult to accept and many people fight against it.

What will make things worse will be the building of the third runway at Hong Kong International Airport. We can only hope that more people in power begin to ask themselves where we are going with all of this break-neck development. Do we really want to live in a city devoid of any nature?

Susan, Editor

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