Limit TV time for young kids

Limit TV time for young kids

I recently read an article in a magazine which said that children under the age of 16 should not be allowed to watch TV as their academic performance will suffer a lot. I agree.

First of all, watching television is a waste of time. Children can become addicted, and they will want to watch TV instead of doing things that will develop their brains, such as visiting friends, and studying. If children have new experiences instead of watching TV, they will broaden their horizons, which is useful for future learning.

Secondly, if children watch television, their creativity is affected. It's a very passive pastime, and doesn't require critical or creative thinking. The years before you turn 16 are a critical time for developing these skills.

In conclusion, I think parents should strictly limit the amount of time children spend watching television.

Leung Sze-nga, Our Lady of the Rosary College


From the Editor

Thank you for your email, Sze-nga. While it's true that sitting and watching hours of mindless TV is unhealthy, and limits creative and critical thinking, I don't believe children should be absolutely banned from watching television.

Yes, there is a lot of nonsense on TV, but there are also some incredibly educational shows. Take, for example, the BBC documentaries on nature. These are designed for non-experts, so they are very accessible, even if you haven't studied much science. The Horrible Histories series is a fun way to learn about the past which is far more engaging and memorable than just reading about it. Dramas and comedies, too, can teach viewers how to write a good story - you learn the importance of a beginning, middle and end, how to create suspense, how to amuse.

While sitting on the sofa zoning out for hours at a time is unwise - not to mention unhealthy - watching the occasional TV show is relaxing and can be hugely educational.

Karly, Deputy editor


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Fabio Wong


Personally, I think the opinion that students under 16 should not be permitted to watch TV is a bit too demanding. Kids should also spend time on entertainment and leisure. I agree with the editor’s comment that sitting for long hours watching TV is not good for health. However, if we watch TV within appropriate amount of time, such as no more than one hour each day, it is absolutely acceptable. Actually, I have found a fascinating paid TV English channel called Cartoon Network, which is entertaining, fun and educational. Apart from that, it helps students enrich their English oral skills.

Tsz Kwan Wong


I think banning children from watching TV is unreasonable and unacceptable because every child has the right and freedom to spend a bit of time for entertainment. Also, students nowadays face heavy workload in school so they really need some forms of entertainment. Nevertheless, TV is one of the most accessible and convenient forms of entertainment. Moreover, I agree with the editor that many TV programmes are highly educational and informative. I once watched some programmes about the nature and animals. They are really entertaining as well as widening my horizons.