Newspapers going online

Newspapers going online

I read an article on about a high school newspaper that is changing from print to online. This is a really great idea that all Hong Kong secondary schools should follow.

School newspapers used to be printed, which takes a long time. From getting articles from students and teachers to production and printing, it usually takes more than two months for a printed copy to reach the hands of the students. So why not go online?

By going online, students can upload their articles anytime, anywhere to an online platform. This can encourage them to write more.

As digital devices are so popular, schoolmates can voice their opinions on the topics. The content of a newspaper can also be enriched because of the flexibility of digital publishing. Apart from articles, an online newspaper or magazine could include voting, quizzes, competitions, and games. In addition, schools can promote their clubs, which is hard to do in a printed edition. Then there are the archives which will help students look up past articles or other content if necessary.

Nicholas Lau Wai-hoi,The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Nicholas. It is ironic that your letter about an article that was on our website is being singled out for print publication. You are right when you say that digital publications can be far richer in content than print ones. Obviously you can't view a video on a newspaper.

Young Post's website encourages reports, comments, artwork, photos and more from students. And it has been wonderful to see readers, who have enjoyed our print version at school, find out that there is a whole extra side to Young Post. If your school paper or magazine decides to go online, don't forget to send us a link!

Susan, Editor

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Star letter


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