End live dolphin shows

End live dolphin shows

Since the famous dolphin suicide, many people are concerned about whether live dolphin shows are good for the mammals or not.

Live dolphin shows can be inhumane and unethical as the animals may be abused in their training. To make more money for Ocean Park, they may be trained more frequently and harshly. If the situation gets worse, they may abuse the dolphins by refusing them food or even hitting them when they can't complete their tricks.

In addition, their small pool at Ocean Park cannot compare to the huge sea they come from. This poor environment, along with the pressure to perform, may put the dolphins under huge mental stress, and increase their suicide rate.

Ocean Park will not stop the shows because they are very popular with tourists. But the park should start looking for new entertainment options that are not harmful to animals.

Mandy Choi, Leung Shek Chee College

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Mandy. But let us quickly dispel the idea that a dolphin has committed suicide in Hong Kong. That never happened. A video surfaced on YouTube last May in which Pinky, a dolphin at Ocean Park, was crashing into the side of its pool. One man said it was a suicide attempt. The park said it was play behaviour, which can be seen in both wild and captive dolphins.

We can't believe everything we read on the internet. People twist things for their own gain. What we do know is that the rumour was put to rest last July after a police investigation. We know that Ocean Park has more than 20 people looking after the dolphins and it is monitored regularly by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

We should always be kind to animals and not abuse them. It is wonderful that you are so passionate about animal rights and conservation. The world needs people like you who can speak for animals that can't speak for themselves.

Susan, Editor

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Sze Yuet Cheng


I agree with Mandy that the captive dolphins are having a miserable life. It is cruel and inhumane that the dolphins cannot swim freely in the spacious sea but have to live in a small pool. If we stop watching such dolphin shows or those performed by other captive sea animals, there will be no audience to support such entertainment activities. The park or aquarium may end the performance shows or may even release the sea animals back to the ocean so they can have their freedom back. Being a potential audience, we do have the responsibility to protect them. Do you think it is a better enjoyment to watch the dolphins swimming in the sea freely instead of watching them perform in the aquarium?

Tsz Kei Tse


I support the viewpoint of Mandy that the dolphins in Ocean Park are under a lot of pressure. Personally, I think sea animals should be treated kindly and they should enjoy the animal right to live freely and happily. It is too cruel and inhumane to capture the sea animals and keep them captive in a small pool.
Imagine you were in the prison forever and have to play challenging tricks to entertain the audience, how would you feel? Life would be extremely miserable without freedom. Therefore, we should love the animals and respect their life.