Angry over food processing

Angry over food processing

I watched a documentary recently, and I am now very angry with how supermarkets operate.

The film focused on the food processing industry. Most of our meat, eggs and milk come from big industrial operations. Since the demand for food is very high, the supermarket system puts pressure on farmers to use chemicals and other shortcuts to increase production and thus satisfy public demand.

The animals are jammed into small, dirty buildings. Their living conditions are shameful. Many of these animals carry diseases, so their owners feed them antibiotics to minimise their losses.

So all these chemicals enter our system through the food we eat.

I am angry because what they are doing is affecting our health. They care only about their own interests, but not their customers', so we should not buy their products ever again.

Osborn Cheng, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

From the editor

Thank you for your letter, Osborn. I know exactly the movie you're talking about. It's called Food Inc, and it was critically acclaimed for its reporting on the food industry in 2008. There is a lot to discuss about this movie, and I am sure it sparked some good debates in class. It's wonderful that it has moved you to write to us about it.

Some things you might want to consider about this movie: 1. It takes place in the US, and so what you saw is not true of everywhere in the world. Some places will be better, and others will be worse. 2. This is not the fault of supermarkets, but more of marketing companies that make everyone feel entitled to "the best" and to "live like a king" when, in truth, that is impossible.

Feeding seven billion people has never been done before, and we are winning the war against starvation. What we need to ask ourselves is "How can we be better?" I would love to hear other readers' views on this.

Susan, editor

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