White tigers need protection

White tigers need protection

There has been a lot of concern recently about white tigers, which are seriously endangered. In fact, there are only around 200 of them left in the world. They have been hunted close to extinction by poachers who want to sell their skin.

But we can't lay all the blame on the poachers. Poachers are often poor people just looking to earn a living. There would be no demand without those willing to buy the tiger skin.

There are a few things governments need to do to save the white tiger. Firstly, there needs to be better enforcement to stop poachers killing the tigers. Secondly, those caught buying white tiger products should be fined heavily. And thirdly, public awareness must be raised, so people understand these issues.

Let's give these adorable white tigers a helping hand.

Athena Lee Yin-lam, Our Lady of the Rosary College

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Athena. It was very interesting, and not something we have ever touched on in Young Post. White tigers are extremely rare, kind of like albino humans. They are white because they lack pigmentation needed to make them orange.

Very often people who wish to save animals from extinction focus only on a limited aspect of that animal - for example, its looks or the idea that it has a right to exist in the great outdoors. Sadly it's never that simple. Few people really want to kill off all the tigers in the world.

Governments can make laws, but often lack the money to enforce them. Also, there is the matter of competition. Wild animals compete with humans for resources. There just is not enough to go around. Wild tigers need hunting land and a food supply and often end up eating livestock, or worse, eating people. These are problems which governments also need to address.

Let's hope they can be dealt with in time.

Susan, Editor


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