Should North Korea give up their nuclear weapons?

Should North Korea give up their nuclear weapons?

Is denuclearisation really a good idea for the North Korean people?


The government of North Korea has joined the nuclear negotiation table.
Photo: AP

I am writing in response to the article “N Korea missile launch?” (Young Post, March 12).

This article is about how South Korea was worried that North Korea might be preparing a long-range missile or space launch.

Any launch could be a huge setback for talks on denuclearisation – North Korea getting rid of all of its nuclear weapons – sources said.

If North Korea is planning a launch of these missiles, it would lead to more arguments between it and the US. The US might then decide to put more sanctions – limits on what can enter and exit the country – on North Korea.

North Korea and the US should take their agreement to get on with each other better more seriously. They should officially declare an agreement on denuclearisation.

Joyce Yiu Pui-lam, Tak Nga Secondary School

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Joyce. It’s difficult to imagine why North Korea would denuclearise. If we think about things from their point of view, they are still at war. They have had crippling sanctions put on them by the US, which affects their trade with every nation in the world.

Yet, they have managed to come up with the ultimate protection for their people. A nuclear weapon means they have a bit of power at the bargaining table.

Enemies of the US who don’t have nuclear weapons have not survived, and it has gone very badly for their people as they have been left in turmoil.

Perhaps the US needs to think about what it can do to help North Korea grow its economy and open up the country to have a more healthy relationship with its neighbours, and leave talk of weapons out of business.

Susan, Editor

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Enoch Chan


North Korea should give up its nuclear weapons.
The use of nuclear weapons can cause disastrous effects on human life.
The launch of a nuclear bomb kills millions of innocent life. During World War II when the nuclear bomb was first invented, it was used against two cities of Japan. It caused great injuries and death.
As we see, the nuclear bomb is a mass murderer. Many families were shattered. The nuclear bomb also causes severe injuries on human. The blinding light causes many to lose their sight. They also lose their limbs. Survivors suffer from cancer. Therefore, it is inhumane to use these weapons.
North Korea produced many deadly weapons for national defense, they threatened to use them against other countries but had they considered the consequence?
Many countries see North Korea as a threat. They imposes sanctions to restrict trade.
This greatly disrupts the economy and its people faced poverty. Poverty led to hunger. Many innocents starved and eventually died. The purpose of producing nuclear weapons is to make North Korea powerful but in fact, the economy is shattered, people suffer.
The North Korean government should deal with its poverty instead. Ban nuclear weapons and start trade with foreign countries to raise people’s living standard.
The government could start investing more in developing technologies that benefits mankind.
In conclusion, North Korea should give up nuclear weapons and adore humanity.